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you're gonna be overloaded with candycoated graphics.

a delicious icon community.

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"overloaded with candycoated graphics." | a web graphics community.

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Rules :
1) Be nice, constructive critisism is allowed.
2) Be sure to credit either candycoateddd or the maker when taking anything.
3) Try to comment if you take anything.
4) No jocking. If I find you have stolen anything I will ban you.
5) Cheers!

Affiliates ;
intothefiire kiss_the_past somefierceshit parapher_nalia
cremepeach taylor_fans midnightsand btmoftheocean
thevintagescene bigcityatwar

If you'd like to be added, please visit here and give me your community's name. One catch; you must add back. (:

Credit to snubbly for the layout!